"Dervish Day": an Anniversary We Will Cherish and Remember Forever!



Dervish Day as a symbol of unity and solidarity of Dervishes, would be commemorated on 3rd day of Esfand corresponding to 22nd February every year to honour the Day.

First, we should note that following an announcement against the Dervishes on 11 February 2009 during Friday prayers in Isfahan, the grave of Dervish Naser Ali in Takhte Foulad, a National Heritage, was attacked and completely demolished by bulldozers and all his belongings were stolen.

At about 170 attackers, a group of intelligence forces, from the council of Isfahan, as well as pressure groups have been reported to have destroyed a National Heritage building that was used since 1380 for Dervish's ceremonies.

While the atmosphere of oppression and despair had dominated every aspect of Iranians, the Nematollahi-Gonabadi Sufis, despite grave danger facing them, rallied from all across Iran to the capital. They protested in front of the Parliament against the systematic and continual oppression, violence and injustice bestowed upon them for many years.

Numbering in tens of thousands they demanded justice and retribution. In the stifling atmosphere of fear and despair, against a powerful system that skillfully had for many years crafted a culture based on superstition devoid of slightest remnants of rational thinking, basic standards of fairness and justice, the Dervishes' movement laid the foundation for hope. Hope for a nation, of resistance against physical, cultural, emotional, and spiritual violence that had been imposed on them for decades.

According to official reports eight hundred and fifty people were arrested on that day. Many spent months in the infamous Evin prison subjected to daily violence and torture. But they resisted their captors , honoring and preserving their principles and their pact with their God.

Since then , the third day of Esfand month was named as "Dervish Day" and Sufi Dervishes in all over of the world are celebrateing this day.

Remembrance of this day matters because it symbolizes the principles of altruism, fight for truth, justice and freedom for all, without resorting to violence.

May the Dervishes (Sufis), through their teachings, writings, struggles and perseverance help all Iranians to reach their long overdue right – Freedom, Democracy, Peace and Prosperity.


Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh ( MajzoobAliShah) the great Qutb of the Nematollahi Gonabadi , in the first anniversary of Dervish Day commanded in a declaration :



هوالذی ایدک بنصره و بالمومنین

When he looked properly ...

He could see his wings there...

From whom we get upset ? He said...

Everything is from our own ...

The atrocities which our sufi brothers have had to face from other shia brothers , are unlike any , in the ears of history without any shame of the names of Imam Hossein and other names in the Holy Quran verses destructed them in the Hosseiniyeh of Qom , Boroujerd and Isfahan and dismissed the trusted employees and had worker from there. These beating and harsh-nesses were done only for the reason of their believes on the Nematollahi Gonabadi order . The holy shrine of our leader which is beloved by over followers was insulted and their properties were attached aggressively .

Our news were boycotted , but since we were trying to achieve a fair rule and a just government based on Alavite Islam , We did not seem it correct to be uniformed with toughness . Our simple-ness was used and with the through that the authorities responsible are not aware , we wanted to directly and peacefully connect with our members of parliament , to let them know that what had been done to us . A day was assigned for this , but our voices were shut down.

Since we hope , with all ups and downs of this society, the warning has reached the individual and collectives , that do not let " the OH of oppressed hearts " sharpen sharpness . Therefore with reminding all the oppressions we have faced , we advised and hoped for actions to be taken on those adjustments material and moral compensations that were inflicted , but these requests were not done. The enemy's hand are actively try to disorder the calm and to create discord .

وسیعلم الذین ظلموا ای منقلب ینقلبون


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