Spontaneous Movement of Gonabadi Dervishes: If Imprisoned Dervishes May not Be Released, Other Dervishes Would Go to Jail






Gonabadi Dervishes call attention to imprisoned Dervishes and in order to show solidarity with them, have stated that if their demands are not considered, then they would be willing to go to prison to support jailed Dervish lawyers.

According to received news to Majzooban Noor, so many Gonabadi Dervishes in different cities of Iran have announced that due to the deterioration health conditions of two Gonabadi Dervishes who have launched a hunger strike since 35 days ago in Shiraz's Adel Abad prison and also to support jailed Dervish lawyers who are being held in Ward 209 of Evin, on the third day of Esfand(22 February) "International Dervishs' Day", in a spontaneous protest movement against the violation of Dervish rights as an Iranian citizen, will gather in front of Evin prison. They demanded an immediate release of all imprisoned Dervishes, providing them a fair trial in a fair tribunal which is a basic requirement of due process, otherwise, they would be willing to go to jail too in defense of their brothers in faith.

It should be noted that, on 3rd Esfand 1387( Feb 22, 2009 ) , after repeated destruction of 3 of the Gonabadi Dervishes's worship-place (Hosseiniyeh) , belonging to the Nematollahi Gonabadi order followers in the cities of Qom , Boroujerd and Isfahan , and more pressurizing on the followers of Sufism and Mysticism, Gonabadi Dervishes from all over Iran decided to gather in front of the parliament of IRI into be able to make their members in the parliament to hear their voice on their citizen' s lawful rights. But the special riot gourds and security forces with plain clothes , practically had turned the streets around Baharestan Square into a military base and raided and arrested dervishes who had committed no crime. On the day of gathering , 22nd of Feb 2009, hundreds of dervishes were arrested illegally.

Since then , the third day of Esfand month was named as "Dervish Day "and Sufi Dervishes in all over of the world have honored this day.

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