Release Of A Gonabadi Dervish On Bail Of 100 Million




Mrs.Simin Nematollahi was released from security solitary cell of Evin prison , last morning , Feb 05 , 2012 ( Bahman 16 ,1390 ).

According to Majzooban Noor reporter , Mrs.Nematollahi who was arrested by security forces from her home on charges of acting against the regime on Jan 11 , 2012 ( Dey 21 , 1390 ) and then transferred to 209 section of Evin prison , after endured 25 days of solitary confinement by paying bail of 100 million Tomans, was released last morning .

It should be noted that in the same time of detention of this Gonabadi dervish , Mr.Ali Mortezaee and Mr.Yousef MohammadRezaee were arrested in Tehran and are still held in section 350 Evin prison and Mr.Kasra Nouri also arrested on the same charge in Shiraz and tranferred to Intelligence and Security office which is known as No 100 and follow up with their families and their lawyers remained ineffective and all of them are still in uncertain situations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nasrollah Lale, director of Haghighat publications is held in 209 section of Evin prison more than two months and his family and lawyers had been denied to visit him .

It is remarkable that despite of his old age and disease , his family and lawyer's follow-up to visit and release him has been baffled .

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