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Yadollah Sahabi (25 February 1905– 12 April 2002) was a prominent Iranian scholar, writer, reformist and politician.[1]

A close associate of Mohammad Mosaddegh and Mehdi Bazargan, Sahabi was an active campaigner for the nationalisation of the Iranian oil industry in the 1950s. He was the father of Ezzatollah Sahabi.

Sahabi studied at Université Lille Nord de France and majored in Geology. He got his PhD degree in 1936 and was immediately hired by Tehran University, faculty of science. Sahabi was one of the founders of Freedom Movement of Iran. He was an advocate of pluralism and democracy.[2] He was a full professor at Tehran University and well credited writer.[3]

Sahabi is considered by many Iranians as a national hero and an Iranian treasure.[4] He died at the age of 97 in Jam Hospital in Tehran.
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Dr. Yadollah Sahabi, A Eulogy

By Farid Marjai

On Friday the 12th of April, Dr. Yadollah Sahabi one of the most senior members of the democratic movement in Iran passed away. He was one of the last of the generation that supported and fought alongside the late premier Mosaddegh for the nationalization of oil in Iran. A long time ago, through his commentaries on Darwinian Evolution he advocated a reformation of traditional views. Right after the 1953 Coup, Sahabi with his close associates the late ayatollah Taleghani and late Bazargan co-founded the Iran Freedom Movement. He was the first to appear at Mosaddegh's deathbed in exile; together with ayatollah Zanjani they performed prayers and the last rites. Under the Shah Regime that was a courageous thing to do. In his demeanor and writings, Dr. Sahabi was a very fair man. Throughout the long years of struggle, he remained committed to the principles of pluralism and democracy, and denounced subjugation of a people by another.

Upon his death, messages of solidarity and sympathy poured in from all corners. Impressive eulogies were offered by student organizations, the 2nd of Khordad (official) Reformists, dissident Reformists, the secular left, ayatollah Montazeri, President Khatami, the Speaker of Majlis, and the Leader, ayatollah Khamenei. His burial ceremony on Sunday created a sense of national unity.

Who said that men/women do not make history? Yadollah Sahabi, his son and grandson at different times have been to prison as a result of their activism. The torch has been passed.

His most famous book :
Quran & Creation of Human Being
Author: Dr. Sahabi, Yadollah
Persian: Khelghate Ensan darBayane Quran
Published: 1996
Page: 80

Creation is one of the most disputable subjects described in holy books such as old and new testaments and Quran as story of Adam and Eve.
Dr. Sahabi was trying to collect all old and new resources about creation of human being in his book, with special stress on what Quran believes in.
He had also used modern scientific progresses in embryology, fossil studies and also Darvin’s theory to come to a comprehensive conclusion.